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Come and join our friendly choral group, and enjoy the stimulation of singing in a well proven mixed choir.

We meet on  Wednesday evenings at  Liston Hall. Chapel St, Marlow,to rehearse

No auditions , you just need  an enthusiasm for choral music and a willingness to learn

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Full Choir

We rehearse on a Wednesday evening  from 7:30pm  in Marlow with the goal of presenting two concerts a year.

We provide concert music to all our choristers, and identify appropriate choral rehersal files that are accessable on the web.The files allow our choristers to hear and practice their own vocal part enhanced against the 3 other parts of the selected piece.

Key Dates link shows the rehearsal locations and dates for the 2022/3  Winter season

Rehearsal Files link provides the links to the self training web files for all parts .